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Practice is currently being held at Robert Wallace's house at 6 PM every other week. 

His house is located at 1588 St. Margarets Rd.  

Near the intersection of St. Margarets and US 50.

Our newest song is Dark Island.  You can download it from the Music Page.

Massed Band Drum Scores

 Here are the scores for massed band tunes: Drum Scores; they are also on the EUSPBA website under the “Education” tab. ( Mid-section scores will be available soon.

They can also be found on our website here.

Massed Band Pipe Tunes

Massed Band Pipe Tunes – Under the “Education “tab on the EUSPBA website (, you will find the settings for the 12 tunes that are approved by the EUSPBA for massed bands.

They can also be found on our website here.


Nicol-Brown Invitational piping championship to be held Oct 6-7 in Rockville, MD at St. Mark’s Presbyterian church on Old Georgetown Rd.

Eastern US Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA)

The Voice    (EUSPBA magazine)

The North American School of Piping and Drumming

World Bagpiping Championship

U. S. Military Bagpiper

Balmoral School of Piping


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