Practice is currently being held at Robert Wallace's house. Located at1588 St. Margarets Rd.  Near the intersection of St. Margarets and US 50.

The band is changing the competition set for next year.  Part Time Pipers  is replacing Cockney Jocks.    Please practice Part Time Pipers as we are working on it at upcoming practices.

Cockney Jocks was moved to the second song of the Gallway Hills set replacing Thomas Sanders.

Macphersons Rant was moved to be the second song of the Killikrankie set replacing Accordian Man.

The MSR has also changed.  Captain Horne will be played after Molly Connell and before Piper of Drummond.  We also added The Kilt is My Delight after Piper of Drummond.  So there are now six songs in the MSR set.

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Updated March 29, 2020